The Cat

A fluttering moth repeatedly bounces along the window pane, desperately trying to escape. As his attempts to flee are thwarted, he is oblivious to his imminent fate. The tiny hunter slinks silently as she approaches her prey. Each movement and footstep made cautiously with intent. Close enough to pounce, her hind legs dance side to side in preparation, yet remaining as one with the ground. Her eyes dilate in anticipation of the attack. Suddenly the cat pounces, landing gracefully on the window sill. She paws playfully at the moth until it can no longer remain in flight. Grasping it in her teeth, she brings it to the carpet where she will continue this torment until its body lies lifelessly on the floor. Once the moth is no longer of any entertainment to the cat, she gobbles it down as she does with the treats the children lovingly give her. Yet the same as the treats, this moth only provides temporary gratitude, and once it is devoured, she anxiously looks for another.

She is soft on her exterior and habitually as gentle as she seems. Yet she must maintain her regal appearance, and as she is carried by the children the look on her face shows that her humiliation cannot be matched. But she sets aside her pride and cuddles with the child that she so recently emitted the appearance of wanting to shred into confetti. Her demeanor is fickle and she changes behavior without justification.

She is as cold as winter, without any desire for human affection. She must maintain the perception of nobility. As she wanders about the house with a majestic gait, a look of confusion appears on her face at the sound of a toy dropping as she tries to decide if she should run or attack. This time her body tells her to flee. She is crafty and cunning. She moves with grace and elegance. Her saunter shows how proud she must be. She is a smaller template of her noble cousins. But she is obviously not very smart, because she just ran into the door.


Too Much Hate

I have been increasingly bothered by the amount of HATE in this world. Regardless of religious beliefs, political views, ethnicity, gender, or any other way of differentiating us from anybody else, whatever group(s) we can put ourselves into comes with it a sense of hate both inward as well as outward. We are hated because of who we are and what we believe. We disapprove of the hate toward us and tell others they have no right to hate and judge us because of what we believe. And because of the hate toward us, we begin to hate and judge those who hate and judge us. But we have become blind to the fact that our intolerance for others is born from hypocrisy. If you tell someone they don’t have a right to hate you for what you believe, and in turn you hate them because what they believe opposes your view or even because they hate you, that is hypocrisy whether you are right or not.

There appears to be an increase in separation of viewpoints and an increase in intolerance for those who think differently than we do. I am purposely not mentioning specific beliefs because it doesn’t change the point I am trying to make; there is an increasing hate for opposing viewpoints. But in saying this, I also HATE. I don’t hate the person, and I don’t hate the viewpoint even if I disagree. I HATE the HATE.

I HATE  the HATE by those who believe the same as I do, and I HATE the HATE by those who believe differently. And with all this said, this is not going to change. In my opinion, it is only going to get worse. I believe there is only going to be an increase in separation based on our differences. So then what’s the point in writing this? My hope is that you the reader will not fall into this HATE.

Don’t become someone who hates anyone else. Don’t perpetuate the HATE. There is no point. Nobody will ever change their point of view to what you believe because of your HATE. You will only increase the separation and drive others away.

Love the person regardless of their point of view. Disagree with their opinion if it differs from yours, but do it out of respect. And disapprove of the HATE of those whether they believe the same as you or not.